Samuel Simpson was a successful silver industrialist and a strong political figure in Wallingford and one of his greatest historic contributions to this town was providing the funds to buy the land and build the first public library. His passion for this project was due to his daughter. She was instrumental in renting a place on Main Street for women to gather, collect books, and raise money for causes. In 1882 a special act of legislation was passed known as The Ladies Library and Reading Room Association.

Unfortunately, his daughter passed away at the age of 41 and Mr. Simpson wanted to memorialize his daughter by building the library in her honor (1894-1899). As you enter the foyer of the building and climb the grand staircase you will see the beautiful stained glass windows with the dates of 1882-1899. There is also a plaque as you enter the front double wooden doors dedicating the library to his daughter.

The Library closed its doors in 1982 and moved up the street to a larger location. The old library building was purchased and turned into office space. When the building closed, and was put up for market. It was bought and a restaurant was designed in it's place!

After many months of grueling restoration, the building has skillfully been restored to its natural glory. Modern conveniences have been hidden in the woodwork and details meticulously crafted to highlight the historic architecture from the turn of the century.

Executive Chef Jonathan Harris and the Massella Family hope you will enjoy fresh local ingredients and exquisite cuisine while dining in one of Wallingford's most historic landmarks.

Many thanks to the Wallingford Public Library, and the Wallingford Historical Society for sharing these images with us!

Booklet made by the Wallingford Public Library for Wallingford's 350 Jubilee

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